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Filling the Waterbed

Step 1
{ step 1 }

Aereator Removal

From your bathroom faucet remove the aerator by unscrewing it. If this faucet does not have an aerator, the kitchen faucet may also be used. Sometimes a laundry or deep sink may be used.

The last choice would be an outside faucet because you want to put warm water into your waterbed mattress. A waterbed mattress heater may take two days to bring a cold mattress up to temperature. This could also strain the waterbed heater.

If the aerator is stubborn, wrap several layers of duct or electrical tape around it to protect it from scratches and use a pair of pliers to loosen the aerator.


Step 2
{ step 2 }


Attach the faucet connector from your waterbed care kit or drain & fill kit to your faucet.

Firmly attach a hose to the faucet connector. Be sure this is a clean hose. Hoses that have been stored outside for a period of time, or that have dirt inside them may introduce enzymes, bacteria, or other contamination into your waterbed. Rinse these hoses for ten minutes by letting water run through the hose.

Step 3
{ step 3 }

Mattress Attachment

Attach the waterbed hose attachment onto the hose. Remove the fill cap and seal from the mattress and screw the attachment into the fill hole. Be sure it is tight enough yet do not overtighten and strip the threads. A small towel might be handy to soak up any leakage from the filling process.

Fill the mattress with about 2" of luke-warm water.

Adjust everything one final time. Once the mattress is full of water it will be impossible to move so check everything carefully.
Step 4

{ step 4}

Fill each side a little at a time

Dual Mattresses

Alternate filling each dual mattress bladder. Fill the first mattress bladder with about 2 inches of water before switching to the second mattress bladder. Add 2 inches of water to it. Continue alternately filling each mattress about 2 inches at a time until both mattress bladders are filled.

If you fill one mattress fully and then fill the second mattress, the first mattress will occupy more space than the second mattress.

Step 5
{ step 5}


Pour in your waterbed conditioner. Fill the bed until it is 1/4" to 1/2" below the side of the frame boards. Shut off the water and remove the hose.

If you have Dual Mattresses split the conditioner between the two bladders.

Step 6
{ step 6}

Air Removal

Remove the air from inside the mattress. Use a broomstick or other rod, slide it from the head of the bed toward the fill hole. Remove all the bubbles to prevent noise from the mattress. A new mattress will periodically need to be "burped" to remove the air.

Install the seal and cap.
Step 7
{ step 7}

How Much is Enough?

How much water is enough? This depends on the style of mattress. The "1/4" to "1/2" below the rail was only an approximation. Adding or subtracting water can change the feel of the bed a great deal.

With fiberfilled (or baffled) mattresses rated over 95% waveless, more water makes it appear softer and less water makes it appear firmer.
With a mattress of 90% or less waveless rating, the mattress should be filled to accomodate the largest sleeper for the bed. This is done by measuring with the body. Sit in the middle of the bed. Rock gently to the left and right. If your bottom only touches when you rock from side to side, it is filled the correct amount.

If your bottom is always touching, add water. If your bottom never touches, drain some water.

(wood frame)   

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